Silver Linings: Part 2

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As I mentioned last week, this will be a regular post featuring the good things that happened this week. This was one of those weeks when you know that things were not the best. but also realize that they could be much worse.  I could not quite decide what to write about this week. But today it finally occurred to me the highlight of this week: You guys! My fellow warriors who are members of The Bloggess Tribe!

Living with mental illness is daunting to say they least. You guys constantly blow me away with the support we show each other on twitter. One of our own posts stating that they are having a rough day and someone instantly replies with a supportive tweet or with cute animal pictures. My twitter feed is full of brave posts about surviving when your brain is torturing you. The bravery that you show by posting your battles blows me away and confirms that I am not alone. We are all in this together! We may not have cool super powers like x-ray vision, but we are all superheroes. I dream of the day where we all walk outside with capes featuring Rory (if you don’t know who Rory is, for the love of G-d please go read Furiously Happy). You will thank me later for introducing you to the greatness that is Jenny Lawson (aka The Bloggess).

One of the things that I want to do with this blog is showcase people’s fighting spirits. I am still brainstorming ideas, but I will make them a reality in the coming months. If you have any ideas or would like to participate, please let me know. I dream of the day were we can all all proudly proclaim “I have depression/ anxiety/ borderline personality disorder/ schizophrenia”, etc… I still do not understand where all the stigma regarding mental illness comes from. Do non-mentally ill people really how damn hard it is to live with a brain that wages war on itself?

I am sick and tired of the pity that some of us get. People should not feel sorry for us, they should be in awe of how strong we are. Even in the days that we cannot get out of bed, we are still strong as hell. Perhaps those are the days in which we are the strongest.

Together we stand (or curl up in the fetal position on the floor). Together we show the world that we are not weak. Together we survive.

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