Silver Linings: Part 4


brown and black raccoon photo
Photo by anne sch on

There’s been a lot of sad, ugly stuff in the news lately. On Monday, a superhero decided to cheer up the world and began the climb the very tall UBS tower in St. Paul Minnessota. Yes, I am talking about the extremely famous MPR raccoon.

This adorable trash panda became the worlds most famous raccoon (after Jenny Lawson’s Rory one and Rory two of course) as everyone anxiously waited for a conclusion to her saga. Would she fall? Would she make it to the top? Calls were put out to Superman and Batman, but they seemed to be unavailable. Twitter became a support group for those consumed with worry. In the early hours of Wednesday, America and the world collectively sighed of relief as our pride and joy reached the top of the building! She did it!

The MPR raccoon gave us what we needed: Someone to cheer for and hope that it would all be ok. After all, if she was able to scale that many stories, then maybe we are capable of more than we think.

Thank you little one. We salute you.