Silver Linings: Part 2

As I mentioned last week, this will be a regular post featuring the good things that happened this week. This was one of those weeks when you know that things were not the best. but also realize that they could be much worse.  I could not quite decide what to write about this week. But […]

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Silver Linings: Part 1

At the end of every week I am going to write a post of all the good and positive things that happened, as well as random stuff that I watched, read or did. Here goes the first post! There is two big good things to report: First, one of my dogs had surgery this week […]

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Bruised and Battered

One of the hardest things of living with mental illness is that it is not visible. Maybe people can tell that that you are not feeling well, but they will never be able to see how much you are suffering and fighting by just looking at you. I have signed countless cards wishing people well […]

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